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Click here for Season 6 preview

Coming Attraction

This week on the new season  of Xena...

Xena embarks on a deadly mission involving her dark past when the Norse warrior Beowulf approaches her for help. 

S6, Episode 06, The Rheingold




  What's New!

  April 28, 2002

  ** added part 12 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.

  ** added 2 new pictures of Renee on page 18 of Renee's Pictures Section.

  ** added a new picture of Lucy on page 18 of Lucy's Pictures Section.

  ** part 11 of Cate Swannell's King of the Beach is available here.


  April 23, 2002

  ** added part 11 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.  


  April 20, 2002

  ** part 9 of Annemaart's Edge of Nowhere is available. click here.


  April 18, 2002

  ** added link to Spiderman (The Movie) Review with a brief mention of Lucy.

...And that's Lucy Lawless from "Xena, Warrior Princess" (and a friend of Raimi's) in a cameo talking about how handsome Spider-Man is during the audience-reaction comments. Raimi's brother, Ted, also appears as a yes-man for the pushy publisher of the Daily Bugle who wants to discredit Spider-Man.


click here to read the full article.


  April 15, 2002

  ** added part 10 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.  


  April 14, 2002

  ** from Sharon Delaney of Creation Ent. (the latest about Lucy and Renee)

4/11 -- talked with Lucy and Renee yesterday.  Both are doing fine.  Lucy's awaiting the birth of her child the end of this month.  She was heading off to the movies.  Renee is taking two classes which we'll be talking about in the next newsletter.  I'll be doing interviews with both of them next week for newsletter #19.  

  ** updated Lucy's Hideout with a link to an online poll.


April 10, 2002

  ** added part 9 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.  


  April 5, 2002

  ** added 3 new pictures of Renee on page 18 of Renee's Pictures Section.

  ** Don't miss! 

     added part 8 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.



  April 3, 2002

  ** don't miss the conclusion to GabGold's phenomenal fanfic, Wall of Silence. click here.


  April 1, 2002

  ** archived March updates.

  ** added Ranjit's review for Haunting of Amphipolis

  ** added article God of Ham Steals the Xena Show by Michele Hewitson. 

  ** added article Powerpoint: Let's Get Sisterly by Michele Hewitson.



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   Double Quotes:

   "What was that you said about not refusing anything?"

     -- Gabrielle (Legacy)

   "Gabrielle, in everyone's life, there's something that goes beyond the greater good. That's what you are in my life."

     -- Xena (Legacy)





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