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The Triumvirate Consist of the Following:



Ces --


Cat -- 

...there once was a lady from Cebu
who wrote compositions known to a few.
asleep in the day, wide-awake at night
she read and she wrote till dawn's first light...

Cat is the typical reclusive poet. She lives pretty much inside that gorgeous head of hers. Thinking is one of her guilty pleasures, and it's not uncommon to see her staring blindly into space for a minute or two, totally entranced by the dance of synapses. She theorize about everything from why croissants are flaky -- extra butter probably preventing flour from homogenizing and also providing differing specific heats -- to what biochemical processes are happening in her body *rolls eyes*.

But behind her scholarly facade *wink* beats the heart of a closet romantic. she might appear as fiercely logical as any vulcan on the outside, but inside she's a quivering mass of saccharine mush ;)


Minsky --  Minsky hails from Olongapo City where the scenic bay makes way for the lush forest and where you get fined for throwing a candy wrapper... Minsky spends most of her time reading, and editting manuscripts as well as writing an article for a journal or two. The rest is spent taking care of her poultry business... only the chickens know her secrets and they ain't talking...