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Coming Attraction

This week on the new season  of Xena...

Xena is forced to battle Mephistopheles when she returns to Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve to find her home haunted by evil.

S6, Episode 02, Haunting of Amphipolis



in memoriam, Kevin Smith (1963-2002)


  What's New!

  March 29, 2002

  ** Lucy Lawless celebrates her 34th birthday today!!! Happy Birthday, Lucy!!!



  March 27, 2002

  ** added part 7 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.


  March 25, 2002

  ** added Episode Reviews by Ivan at Episode Guide.


  March 23, 2002

  PAX ALERT!!! -- Season 6 starts today!!!

  ** added pages 1617, and 18 of Lucy's Pictures Section.

  ** added pages 17 and 18  of Renee's Pictures Section.

  ** added pages 17, 18, 19, and 20 of Crossover Pictures Section.

  ** added link to the Zap2it article, Study: Less Sex and Violence on TV with some mention on Xena. And here is CNN's version...


  March 20, 2002

  ** part 10 of Cate Swannell's King of the Beach is available here.


  March 17, 2002

  ** added Parts 5, and 6 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out at Bard Works.


  March 15, 2002

  ** Don't miss :  part 7 of GabGold's Wall of Silence.


  March 13, 2002

  ** added Parts 2, 3 and 4 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out at Bard Works.


  March 9, 2002

  ** added the much-anticipated sequel to LA Tucker's The Light Fantastic, The Inside Out and Greensong by Jessi Albano at Bard Works.


  From the Creation Website:

  Message from Lucy regarding the Kevin Smith trust fund

  "I've been wanting to thank all those nice people who care about Kevin and gave money at the convention. I wanted to say that I'm sorry that a place for their money to go wasn't arranged sooner. It was simply that the people who were arranging it were so close to Kevin and needed time to support his wife and family. I want the fans to know they weren't being ignored. I don't want them to feel disrespected. Tell them I'm sorry I haven't sent word. Every day I say I've got to write a letter and I'm just out of words. I know that his wife and children will take a great deal of heart of how much Kevin meant to people out there that they don't even know. It's going to help them through this tough time. Please thank everyone so much for me."
  -- Lucy Lawless

  The Kevin Smith Trust Fund has now been set up at the
  Auckland Theatre Company to help Kevin's family.
  Donations can be sent to:

  Kevin Smith Trust Fund
  c/o Auckland Theatre Company
  P.O. Box 6513
  Wellesley Street
  New Zealand


  March 6, 2002

  ** the GabWhacker FF Reviews Site has been updated.

  ** added Annemaart's Edge of Nowhere at Bard Works.


  March 5, 2002

  ** redesigned PAX Website, with added features: Coming Attraction, Quote, and PAX poll.


  March 4, 2002

  ** added a new review of Vagina's Monologue at Lucy's Hideout.

  ** added link to Entertainment Story article "Lucy's Hideaway on the market"


  March 1, 2002

  ** archived February updates.

  ** updated Links section.


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   "I'm just a bit distracted by your good looks..."

     -- Xena (Haunting of Amphipolis)





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