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Episode Guide

Catch another episode of Xena: Warrior Princess this Saturday night, this week its: Friend In Need - Part 2 



This week on the new season  of Xena...

Xena and Gabrielle face the greatest threat they've ever known when they go up against the evil Yodoshi and an army of 20,000 elite Samurai warriors.

S6, Episode 22, Friend In Need - Part 2




Xena: Warrior Princess airs on Star World every Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. (Philippine Time) (repeats Sunday 2:30 a.m.)


for in-depth discussion of the episodes go to the Whoosh! Episode Guide


Official Log-Lines:

Season 1

1. Sins of the Past -- Xena journeys homeward determined to make amends for the sins of her past, but her efforts to begin a new life are challenged by the vengeful warlord Draco.

   2. Chariots of War -- After being befriended by a peace-loving homesteader named Darius (Nick Kokotakis), Xena takes on a blood thirsty warlord and his son, who have mercilessly pillaged Darius's community.

   3. Dreamworker --
Xena enters a mystical realm known as the Dreamscape to save Gabrielle, who has been taken there and forced to complete a series of daunting tasks that will make her worthy of becoming the bride of the dream god, Morpheus.

   4. Cradle of Hope --
Xena and Gabrielle set out to find the parents of an abandoned baby, and discover that the infant's been marked for death due to a prophecy declaring him a future threat to a local king.

   5. The Path Not Taken --
Xena faces ghosts from the past when she visits one of her old haunts and ingratiates herself with murderous former "colleagues" in order to locate a kidnapped princess who is being hidden there.

   6. The Reckoning --
Ares frames Xena for murder in order to get her to become his apprentice. She is imprisoned and turns against Gabrielle under the torture of the guards, but regains herself enough to expose Ares' trick.

   7. The Titans --
The stage is set for a clash of the Titans when Gabrielle inadvertently releases three of the giant deities from a centuries-long entombment and one of them proceeds to terrorize a village -- against the wishes of the other two.

   8. Prometheus --
Upon realizing that Prometheus has been captured and chained by the gods - thus causing great harm to mankind - Xena sets out to find the one sword that will free him, and is joined in her quest by Hercules.

   9. Death in Chains --
When King Sisyphus captures Hades' sister Celesta, Xena and Gabrielle must free her before mankind is doomed to eternal suffering.

10. Hooves and Harlots --
Xena must discover who murdered the Amazon princess Terreis to avert a war between the Amazons and the Centaurs.

11. The Black Wolf -- Xena goes undercover to aid a group of rebels following a shadowy leader known only as the Black Wolf.

12. Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts -- Xena is summoned by the beautiful Helen of Troy to help end the bitter ten-year-long war between the Greeks and the Trojans

13. Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards --
When Gabrielle decides to audition for a coveted spot at the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards, she helps another young hopeful regain confidence in his extraordinary talents as a storyteller.

14. A Fistful of Dinars --
Xena goes in search of a legendary lost treasure which includes Ambrosia, the sustenance of the gods, in an effort to keep the precious food from falling into the wrong hands.

15. Warrior...Princess --
Because of her startling resemblance to King Lias' daughter Diana, Xena is asked to pose as the princess to help flush out a band of would-be assassins.

16. Mortal Beloved --
Xena is summoned to the Underworld by the ghost of her beloved Marcus to help defeat the madman Atyminius, who has stolen Hades' Helmet of Invisibility.

17. The Royal Couple of Thieves --
Xena enlists the aid of Autolycus, the cunning "King of Thieves," to recover a priceless chest containing a weapon of awesome power from the evil warlord Malthus.

18. The Prodigal --
Gabrielle joins forces with the warrior Meleager to save her home village from the ruthless brigand Damon.

19. Altared States --
Xena and Gabrielle intervene to save young Icus from being sacrificed by his own father, Anteus.

20. Ties That Bind --
In an attempt to win Xena back to lead his army, Ares masterminds a plot involving Xena's estranged father Atrius.

21. The Greater Good --
When Xena is hit with a poisoned dart; Gabrielle must disguise herself as the warrior princess in a plan to save Salmoneus from being killed by the warlord Talmadeus.

22. Callisto --
Xena must battle the fierce woman warrior Callisto, who is set on revenge for the death of her family. 

23. Death Mask --
Xena is reunited with her brother Toris and the two join forces to overthrow Cortese, the raider who destroyed their village many years before.

24. Is There a Doctor in the House? --
Xena forces an end to the Mitoan-Thessalian War while using her medical knowledge to save the lives of numerous casualties, including Gabrielle.

Season 2

   1. Orphan of War --
Xena's deepest secret is revealed when she and Gabrielle join forces with the Centaurs to battle the evil warlord, Dagnine.

   2. Remember Nothing --
The three Fates give Xena the chance to recreate her life when she agrees to give up her warrior ways.

   3. Giant Killer --
Xena must face her old friend Goliath in battle when the giant refuses to turn his back on the ruthless Philistines.

   4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun --
Xena and Gabrielle join forces with Joxer and Orpheus to defeat the evil god Bacchus, who is transforming innocent girls into deadly monsters.

   5. Return of Callisto --
When the fierce woman warrior Callisto escapes from prison, Xena must face her in battle once again.

   6. Warrior...Princess...Tramp --
Xena must foil an attempt to dethrone her friend and look-alike, Princess Diana, by the unscrupulous Meg, who bears a startling resemblance to them both.

   7. Intimate Stranger --
With the help of Ares in the Underworld, Callisto switches bodies with Xena and returns to the land of the living where the two women warriors battle once more, this time disguised as each other.

   8. Ten Little Warlords --
Still trapped in the body of her archenemy Callisto, Xena finds herself in the midst of a deadly competition among warlords for the vacant seat of Ares, the newly deposed god of war.

   9. A Solstice Carol --
Xena and Gabrielle stage an elaborate ruse to force hardhearted King Silvus to mend his ways in time for the Winter Solstice celebration.

10. The Xena Scrolls --
When the Xena Scrolls are unearthed in 1940 by Dr. Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas, far-in-the-future descendants of Gabrielle and Xena, Xena's spirit returns and possesses the body of Melinda to prevent Ares' escape from the ancient tomb.

11. Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis --
Xena poses as beauty contestant Miss Amphipolis in Salmoneus' Miss Known World Pageant to keep the contest from being sabotaged and provoking a war.

12. Destiny --
A nearly fatal wound causes a delirious Xena to relive the experiences that transformed her into a warrior and gave her reason to live.

13. The Quest -- 
When the Furies find out that Xena never avenged the death of her father, they curse her with persecution and madness.

14. A Necessary Evil --
When the ruthless Amazon Velasca achieves immortality by consuming some Ambrosia, Xena devises a plot to defeat her by pitting her against the immortal Callisto.

15. A Day in the Life --
Xena and Gabrielle battle the world's largest giant and a ruthless warlord, all in one day.

16. For Him the Bell Tolls --
Gabrielle must intervene when Aphrodite casts a spell on Joxer to try to prevent a royal marriage.

17. The Execution --
Xena and Gabrielle leap into action to save their friend Meleager the Mighty from being executed for murder.

18. Blind Faith --
Xena is accidentally blinded while battling Palaemon, a young warrior who has kidnapped Gabrielle, and risks losing her sight forever in order to save her friend.

19. Ulysses
-- Xena and Gabrielle journey and fight with Ulysses, who is determined to return to his wife Penelope against the will of Poseidon (God of the Sea). Even though Ulysses falls in love with Xena, she ensures that he returns to his land to be with his wife.

20. The Price --
Xena rallies Athenian troops in a desperate battle against the Horde, but it is Gabrielle who ultimately finds a way to end the terrible siege.

21. The Lost Mariner -- 
In another high-seas adventure, Xena and Gabrielle help the lost mariner Cecrops break the centuries-old curse Poseidon has imposed on him.

22. A Comedy of Eros --
When Cupid's mischievous baby Bliss starts to play with his father's arrows, Xena falls for the warlord Draco, who is smitten by Gabrielle, who only has eyes for Joxer.

Season 3

   1. The Furies --
When the Furies find out that Xena never avenged the death of her father, they curse her with persecution and madness.

   2. Been There, Done That --
Only Xena can unravel the mystery when she awakens each morning to find that she and her companions are actually beginning the same day over and over again.

   3. The Dirty Half Dozen -- Xena enlists the help of four notorious criminals to go up against Ares and his ambitious young protege Agathon.

   4. The Deliverer --
While Xena and her former enemy Boadicea join forces to battle Caesar, Gabrielle's life is threatened by worshippers of the evil spirit Dahak.

   5. Gabrielle's Hope --
The devoted friendship between Xena and Gabrielle is severely threatened when Gabrielle gives birth to the child of Dahak.

   6. The Debt-Part 1 --
Xena is betrayed when she journeys to the Kingdom of Chin to settle a debt from her dark past.

   7. The Debt-Part 2 --
Xena narrowly escapes execution for attempting to kill the ruthless young Emperor Ming T'ien and finally repays the debt she owes her spiritual mentor, Lao Ma.

   8. King of Assassins --
When Joxer's twin brother Jett plans to assassinate Cleopatra with the help of Autolycus, Gabrielle uses as many Xena-like tactics as possible to try to stop the murder.

   9. Warrior...Priestess...Tramp --
Xena foils an evil plot by Balius with the help of her two look-alikes, the Hestian Priestess Leah and the lusty barmaid Meg.

10. The Quill is Mightier --
Gabrielle gains new  respect for the power of the word when Aphrodite casts a spell on her scroll, turning everything she writes into reality.

11. Maternal Instincts --
Imbued with the evil power of her father Dahak, Gabrielle's daughter Hope joins forces with Callisto to kill Xena's son, Solan.

12. The Bitter Suite --
The bitter conflict between Xena and Gabrielle reaches a crescendo in this musical episode, set in the dreamworld of Illusia.

13. One Against an Army --
When Gabrielle is hit by a poisoned arrow, Xena must find a way to save her life while trying to battle the entire Persian army all on her own.

14. Forgiven --
When Xena and Gabrielle set out to recover the stolen Urn of Apollo, they are joined by Tara, a feisty 16-year old who wants a chance to turn her life around.

15. King Con --
Xena and Gabrielle join forces with two con-men to exact revenge against a ruthless gaming club owner who has ordered Joxer's death.

16. When in Rome --
Xena and Gabrielle go up against the ruthless Caesar to rescue the mighty Gaul warrior, Vercinix.

17. Forget Me Not --
Haunted by images of the past Gabrielle goes to the Temple of Mnemosyne to forget her painful memories.

18. Fins, Femmes & Gems --
When Aphrodite obtains the stolen Mystic Diamond, she casts a spell on Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer to distract them from rescuing the prized jewel.

19. Tsunami --
Xena, Gabrielle, and Autolycus summon all their resources to escape from a ship submerged by a monstrous tidal wave.

20. Vanishing Act --
Xena, Gabrielle, and Autolycus pull off a spectacular heist to retrieve the Golden Statue of Pax.

21. Sacrifice-Part 1 --
Xena and Gabrielle struggle in vain to prevent the rebirth of the evil Hope, daughter of Dahak.

22. Sacrifice-Part 2 --
Xena reluctantly agrees to join forces with Callisto to kill Gabrielle's evil daughter Hope.

Season 4

1. Adventure in the Sin Trade-Part 1 --
Distraught with grief over the loss of Gabrielle, Xena travels to Siberia and the Amazon Land of the Dead to find her friend.

2. Adventure in the Sin Trade-Part 2 --
Xena travels to the Amazon Resting Place to battle the evil witch, Alti, and learns that Gabrielle is still alive.

3. A Family Affair --
Xena reunites with Gabrielle and the two friends face off with the evil Hope and Dahak's grandson, the monstrous Destroyer.

4. In Sickness and In Hell --
Suffering an array of physical ailments, Xena and Gabrielle battle a Scythian army.

5. A Good Day --
Xena engineers a giant battle between Caesar and Pompey to save Greece.

6. A Tale of Two Muses --
Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus bring dancing to a town where it is banned.

7. Locked Up and Tied Down --
Xena is banished to Shark Island Prison for all the crimes and murders she committed in her dark past.

8. Crusader --
Xena and Najara, a radiant young woman who preaches about the Light, compete for Gabrielle's heart and soul.

9. Past Imperfect --
In order to save a town from destruction, Xena must figure out who is copycatting her past evil deeds.

10. Key To The Kingdom -- A double for Xena double-crosses Autolycus in an attempt to steal a special baby.

11. Daughter of Pomira --
To bring peace between two feuding cultures, Xena and Gabrielle rescue Vanesa, the young adopted daughter of the leader of the dreaded Horde.

12. If The Shoe Fits --
Through imaginative storytelling, Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Aphrodite help the young runaway Princess Alesia realize there's no place like home.

13. Paradise Found --
In a seemingly idyllic land, Gabrielle finds peace and calm as Xena is beset by visions of violence.

14. Devi --
In exotic India, Gabrielle finds she has the power to cure people, but that ability may come from a sinister source.

15. Between the Lines --
While traveling through India, Xena and Gabrielle's souls are sent into the future through the power of Mehndi to protect their good Karma from the reincarnated Alti.

16. The Way --
Xena invokes the help of the god Krishna to rescue Gabrielle and Eli from Indrajit, the King of Demons.

17. The Play's the Thing --
Gabrielle unwittingly becomes a pawn in a theater scam when one of her scrolls falls into the hands of Zehra, the "Queen of Cons."

18. The Convert --
Najara returns claiming she has renounced violence, while Joxer deals with his first kill.

19. Takes One to Know One --
At a surprise party for Gabrielle, a visitor is found dead, and Xena must work out which of her friends is a murderer.

20. Endgame --
When Brutus kills Ephiny, Gabrielle is called back to be queen of the Amazons.

21. Ides of March --
Callisto returns to tempt Xena, as Caesar plans to declare himself emperor.

22. Deja Vu All Over Again --
A woman is convinced she is the reincarnation of Xena, the Warrior Princess.

Season 5

   1. Fallen Angel
   2. Chakram

   3. Succession -- Ares merges Xena and Gabrielle into the same body and forces them to fight Mavican, Ares' potential right hand.

   4. Animal Attraction --
Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Amarice travel to the town of Spamona, where Xena is shocked to learn that she is pregnant.

   5. Them Bone, Them Bones --
The spirit of the evil Shamaness Alti attempts to capture the soul of Xena's unborn child.

   6. Purity --
When Xena returns to Chin to recover Lao Ma's book of power, she must defeat one of Lao Ma's twin daughters, who wants to acquire the power for her own evil purposes.

   7. Back in the Bottle --
Xena must master Lao Ma's powers to save Gabrielle, Joxer and the people of Chin from a militia led by the evil spirits of Pao Ssu and her brother, Ming Tien.

   8. Little Problems --
Gabrielle and Aphrodite have until sundown to save Xena's soul from being trapped inside a young girl forever.

   9. Seeds of Faith --
Eli takes on Ares in an effort to overthrow the gods and Xena finally learns the true identity of her baby's father.

10. Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire --
To avoid a war over who gets possession of Terpsichore's lyre, Xena organizes a battle of the bands in this musical episode that reunites Xena with her mother Cyrene, Joxer with his twin brother Jace, and Gabrielle with a lovesick Draco.

11. Punch Lines --
Gabrielle and Argo are shrunken into miniature versions of themselves when they cross paths with Lachrymose, the god of despair.

12. God Fearing Child --
Xena's baby is born after Hercules steps in to battle his father Zeus, who learns that the birth of the child will signal the end of the Olympian order.

13. Eternal Bonds --
When Joxer is wounded by a poisonous sword intended to kill Xena and Eve, it's up to Gabrielle to get him to the antidote while Xena combats armies sent by priests of the gods.

14. Amphipolis Under Siege --
Athena wages war on Xena's hometown of Amphipolis in an effort to kill Eve and stop the Twilight of the Gods.

15. Married With Fishsticks --
Aphrodite and Discord are fighting and Gabrielle gets hit in the head by a boom and falls in the water. She then has a dream she is married to Joxer with 3 kids.

16. Lifeblood -- Xena and Gabrielle travel to the Amazon village to make Eve an Amazon princess and discover that it's up to them to prevent unnecessary bloodshed in a vengeful war.

17. Kindred Spirits --
Joxer breaks Amazon laws that force Queen Gabrielle to choose between settling down in the Amazon village and life on the road with Xena.

18. Anthony & Cleopatra --
When Cleopatra is assassinated, Xena and Gabrielle head to Alexandria where Xena masquerades a Cleopatra. She learns that Anthony and Brutus are trying to seize power of Rome after Caesar's death and want to use the Egyptian Navy to help.

19. Looking Death in the Eye -- Old Joxer obtains a scroll describing Xena and Gabrielle's attempt to trick the Fates into bringing about the twilight of the gods.

20. Livia --
After 25 years, Xena and Gabrielle finally escape their tombs of ice and immediately go in search of Eve.

21. Eve --
Xena must decide whether she can kill her own daughter, who continues her murderous campaign to eliminate Eli's followers.

22. Motherhood --
with the lives of Gabrielle and Eve hanging in the balance, Xena faces the gods in a final showdown.

Season 6

   1. Coming Home --
Fed up with being mortal, Ares calls upon Xena to help him restore his godhood, unaware that the Furies are conspiring against him.

   2. The Haunting of Amphipolis -- Xena is forced to battle Mephistopheles when she returns to Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve to find her home haunted by evil.

   3. Heart of Darkness -- Xena fights to avoid inheriting the throne of Mephistopheles by devising a plan to turn the cocky archangel Lucifer (Alex Mendoza) into the King of Hell.

   4. Who's Gurkhan? -- When Gabrielle learns that her niece has been captured by the vicious raider Gurkhan, she sets sail for North Africa on a rescue mission with Xena, Eve and Virgil.

   5. Legacy -- On their travels through the North African desert, Xena and Gabrielle intervene to help two tribes of warring nomads unite against their Roman enemies.

   6. The Abyss --
Xena and Gabrielle are forced into a deadly confrontation with cannibals when they go in search of Virgil.

   7. The Rheingold --
Xena embarks on a deadly mission involving her dark past when the Norse warrior Beowulf approaches her for help. 

   8. The Ring --
Xena must battle a monster of her own making to recover the destructive Rheingold ring she forged in her days as an evil warrior.

   9. Return of the Valkyrie --
Xena battles to regain her memory and reverse the curse of the Rheingold ring.

10. Old Ares Had A Farm --
To protect Ares from a gang of revenge-seeking warlords, Xena brings him to her childhood home and disguises him as a farmer.

11. Dangerous Prey --
Xena becomes the ultimate prey for the deranged Prince Morloch, who has been hunting and killing Amazons in his twisted quest for an adversary who can match his skills.

12. The God You Know --
The Archangel Michael summons Xena to kill the now immortal Roman emperor Caligula, who has been murdering innocents in his quest for absolute power.

13. You Are There --
In an ancient world meets modern-day satire, a tabloid TV reporter stalks Xena and Gabrielle, determined to get a juicy scoop on the Warrior Princess.

14. Path of Vengeance --
Xena and Gabrielle fight to save Eve from execution when she returns to Amazon lands to make amends for her past.

15. To Helicon and Back --
When the Amazon Queen Varia is kidnapped by a masked warrior, Gabrielle leads the Amazons to Helicon on a bloody rescue mission.

16. Send in the Clones --
In a modern-day episode, a clone of Xena battles her arch-enemy, the evil Alti.

17. The Last of the Centaurs --
Xena and Gabrielle must save a young centaur from the clutches of Lord Belach.

18. When Fates Collide --
Xena becomes the Empress of Rome with no memory of her past when Caesar chains up the three Fates and cuts the strands of time to alter his destiny.

19. Many Happy Returns --
On their way to deliver the Helmet of Hermes to Thebes, Xena and Gabrielle save the young virgin Genia from being sacrificed by religious zealots.

20. Soul Possession --
When an ancient scroll chronicling the life of Xena surfaces in the present, conflicts arise among the modern-day reincarnations of Xena, Gabrielle, Ares and Joxer.

21. Friend in Need-Part 1 --
Summoned by a long-lost spiritual soulmate, Xena heads for Japan with Gabrielle on a daunting mission to save the city of Higuchi from destruction and make amends for her past.

22. Friend in Need-Part 2 -- Xena and Gabrielle face the greatest threat they've ever known when they go up against the evil Yodoshi and an army of 20,000 elite Samurai warriors.


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