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Coming Attraction

Xena fights to avoid inheriting the throne of Mephistopheles by devising a plan to turn the cocky archangel Lucifer (Alex Mendoza) into the King of Hell.

S6, Episode 3, Heart of Darkness (Rerun)


For over 6 years, "Battle on!" has been her warrior's cry... now, the time to make a final stand has arrived for Xena: Warrior Princess. This will be, the Last Battleground... 40,000 souls await her rescue, 20,000 troops stand in her way. Between the past and the present, between this world and the next, lies Xena's ultimate fight for honor, for justice, for love. Forget everything you've heard, forget all the rumors, you must see the truth about the ending for yourself. The unforgettable SERIES FINALE... 

Xena -- The Last Battleground



What's New!

September 26, 2002

** Creation Entertainment has announced that the Official Xena Fan Club Kit #6 is now available for ordering. Read here for details


September 22, 2002

** Renee and Steve's baby is celebrating his first birthday today! 

Happy Birthday, Miles!!!


September 18, 2002

** PAX celebrates it's first birthday! 

On behalf of Ces, and Cat, I would like to thank you all for visiting our site. You make our task worthwhile, Battle On Xenites!



September 9, 2002

Reminder for US Xenites: Gladiatrix' is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Sun. Sept. 8 on the Discovery Channel with Lucy hosting the show Gals With Brass - Online article


September 1, 2002

** Archived August updates.



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   Double Quotes:

  "I really love that Gabrielle says, 'I don't care... I love that so much.  It was human and so very real.  I wish we could have explored that idea.  Not that it needed to be explored more.  It was all there in Renee's face.  But it was so interesting to me."

     -- Lucy (Xena Newsletter #19)

   "I talked with Lucy last Tuesday and it came up that when people ask me what Lucy's really like, I list a few things and then I say she's also kind of loopy. She didn't seem offended and I said she's like Meg.  Meg's loopy...  Meg gets this look on her face and her elbows go out.  It's a goofy sense of humor that Lucy also has that's unexpected because she's so strikingly beautiful. You wouldn't expect that from someone who looks the way Lucy does.  She looks like a femme fatale and to be goofy and loopy really throws you."

     -- Renee (Xena Newsletter #19)





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