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When an ancient scroll chronicling the life of Xena surfaces in the present, conflicts arise among the modern-day reincarnations of Xena, Gabrielle, Ares and Joxer.

S6, Episode 20, Soul Possession



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What's New!

July 27, 2002

** The following is from Sharon Delaney (Creation Ent.)

For all the Renee O'Connor fans who won't have a chance to see her playing
Lady Macbeth, we will have a "taste of Lady M" in fan club kit #6.
Yesterday we went with Renee to Pt. Fermin Park where the play is being
performed and did some filming.

First was a short sit-down interview in street clothes.  After that was
over, Renee asked if we'd like to film some of her physical warm-up
routine.  She proceeded to sit down on the ground and put her foot behind
her head!  Turns out she does a yoga routine to warm up.  She went through
a series of moves for the camera.

Renee then changed into the blue costume from the play and began to recite
some of Lady M's speeches.  We filmed her walking along the stone fence
that runs above the cliffs, delivering her lines full-out to the sea.  I
mentioned that one of the other actors did his rehearsing on the other side
of the fence.  Renee hiked up the dress and hopped over with my camera crew
right behind her!  With the wind making the most incredible moving
sculptures of Renee and the blue gown, she put her arms out and continued
to recite.  She looked like Kate Winslet on the bow of the Titanic -- eyes
closed, face up to the sky.

The shoot was only scheduled for 45 minutes, but Renee stayed for an hour
and a half and kept asking for more things to do!  And, yes, we did get the
Macbeth "Undo the Curse" Rap delivered right into the camera lens in
Renee's sauciest manner <G>

We had a still photographer there and took lots of pics that we will have
available very soon.

Official Xena Fan Club


July 21, 2002

** added parts 22 and 23 (the conclusion) to LA Tucker's delightful tale, The Inside Out


July 19, 2002

** From the NZ Herald:

The Rich List is published today by the National Business Review.

Rachel Hunter and Lucy Lawless still make the list, with $20 million and $15 million respectively.

Also on the list is jeweler Michael Hill, at $100 million, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson with $40 million, and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, who has $15 million. 

Read the article here

** The Emmy Nominations in the United States are out and Jo LoDuca has been nominated for Music Composition, Series (Dramatic Underscore): Xena: Warrior Princess, syndicated (for a Friend In Need II)... competition includes scoring for Blue Planet: Seas of Life, Discovery Channel; JAG, CBS; 24, Fox; The X-Files, Fox. Awards will be announced September 22, 2002.  

** From Reuter's:

Raimi Sinking Teeth Into Vampire Saga

By Claude Brodesser

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - "30 Days of Night," a comic book series about vampires who invade a town near the Arctic Circle, is being turned into a film by "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi.

The filmmaker and production partner Rob Tapert will produce the picture for German producer Senator Intl., which clinched the rights to the series Monday.

Raimi told Daily Variety the project is "so unlike the horror films of recent years," describing it as the story of a couple that loves each other and "happen to be the sheriffs of this little town."

July 16, 2002

** added part 21 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out

** updated page 19 of Renee's and Lucy's pictures section.

** added page 23 of Crossover pics.


July 13, 2002

** added link to SaM's (Princess Moon) insightful interview with Renee O'Connor (July 8, 2002). 

Click here to read the interview


July 10, 2002

** Added Cat's new inspiring poem, Reach.


July 09, 2002

** added link to a TV Guide (Insider) Online article -- Who Should Play Wonder Woman? (July 8, 2002). Lucy was among the choices seen as playing the role.

Lucy Lawless: A long-rumored contender for the role, the Xena: Warrior Princess star already has played an Amazon royal who consorts with Greek gods. And since her Xena character always displayed lesbian leanings, Lawless shouldn't have any trouble fitting in on the females-only Paradise Island!

Read the full article here


July 07, 2002

** updated Lucy's Hideout with a Sunday Star Times article and picture of Lucy and family.

** updated Renee's Refuge with updated performance dates for the Shakespeare by the Sea's production of Macbeth.


July 05, 2002

** There was a brief Lucy mention in the online article ( , 2002: The Year of the Cameo?... 

And wasn't there something REALLY familiar about the Punk Rock Girl who, when asked about Spidey, purrs, "Guy with eight hands. Sounds hot"? That's because it was an incognito superhero: Lucy Lawless, whose show Xena: Warrior Princess was exec produced by Raimi. 

click here to read the full article


July 03, 2002

** part 22 of Dreams' The Blind Side of Love is now available for your reading pleasure :o)

** updated Renee's Refuge with pictures and links to reports of her performance in the Shakespeare by the Sea's production of Macbeth.


July 01, 2002

**  Don't miss another great update by LA Tucker, added part 20 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out

** Attention Asian ROC fans

The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children will be shown throughout this month on Cinemax (check local listings)

After a week of sunshine and recreation, a group of teenagers are forced to evacuate their church camp during violent rains. Unfortunately, not all make it to safety.

For those who are flung into the raging waters of the Guadalupe River, the battle for their lives is just beginning. For the next four hours, only their courage and heroism can determine their fate.

Joe Spano, Michael Goorjian

Date Time (Philippine Time)
08 Jul 2002 07:45 AM
14 Jul 2002 09:00 AM
20 Jul 2002 06:30 AM
24 Jul 2002 09:00 PM
30 Jul 2002 07:30 PM
31 Jul 2002 04:45 AM


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  ** archived June updates.


check the PAX archives



   Double Quotes:

  "I really love that Gabrielle says, 'I don't care... I love that so much.  It was human and so very real.  I wish we could have explored that idea.  Not that it needed to be explored more.  It was all there in Renee's face.  But it was so interesting to me."

     -- Lucy (Xena Newsletter #19)

   "I talked with Lucy last Tuesday and it came up that when people ask me what Lucy's really like, I list a few things and then I say she's also kind of loopy. She didn't seem offended and I said she's like Meg.  Meg's loopy...  Meg gets this look on her face and her elbows go out.  It's a goofy sense of humor that Lucy also has that's unexpected because she's so strikingly beautiful. You wouldn't expect that from someone who looks the way Lucy does.  She looks like a femme fatale and to be goofy and loopy really throws you."

     -- Renee (Xena Newsletter #19)





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