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since September 18, 2001

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What's New!

February 23, 2002

** added link to a holiday article about the Tapert Family and fishing at Lucy's Hideout.

** updated Renee's Refuge with a link to a Review of the play, Love Letters, performed at the Pasadena Convention by Renee O'Connor and Michael Hurst.

** Added TwinXenas' Report on the recently concluded Pasadena Xena Convention.

** Added Radclyffe's Innocent Hearts to Bard Works.


February 20, 2002

** From Creation Ent. :

We have created a tribute page to Kevin on our website which will contain information shortly on a fund which will be established. Please visit our home page and click on the Kevin Smith Tribute link.

** added Cephalagia and MJ Poet's Connecting Hearts to Bard Works.

** added GabGold's Wall of Silence to PAX Recommends.


February 19, 2002

** watch the Southeast Asian premiere of Kevin Sorbo's (Hercules) TV Series -- Andromeda. Slated to start, March 4 on AXN Channel.


February 18, 2002

** Ces leaves for the U.S. 

Bon Voyage, Ces!!! <g>


February 17, 2002

** Newsflash! -- Tentative schedule of the start of Season 6 is on March 23, 2002 !!!

** Read the Pasadena Con Report compliments of KTL.

** Updated Lucy's Hideout with a link to a review for the play, Vagina Monologues.


February 16, 2002

** Actor Kevin Smith (Ares) dies after fall in China.

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in memoriam, Kevin Smith (1963-2002)

A very sad day... Our condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of Kevin Smith. We will miss you, Kevin!!!


February 15, 2002

** Renee O'Connor celebrates her 31st birthday! Happy Birthday, Renee! 


February 14, 2002

Happy Valentine's Day, from the creators of PAX!


February 11, 2002

Do not miss!

** Part 6 of GabGold's Wall of Silence on Merwolf's Academy of Bards. 


February 10, 2002

** added link to Lucy Lawless' ET Online Interview.


February 9, 2002

** added Radclyffe's Above All Honor and Honor Bound to Bard Works.


February 4, 2002

** archived January updates.

** The GabWhacker FF Reviews site has been updated.


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