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since September 18, 2001

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What's New!

January 30, 2002

** Happy Birthday to our very own, Ces !!!

** added link to Paris Jefferson's (Athena) Official Site. (check out those Behind the Scenes photos from the set of Xena).

** Congratulations to LA Tucker (author of The Light Fantastic) and Kim Pritekel (author of First) for winning the Swollen Buds Awards!!! Both are featured bards of PAX. <g>


January 22, 2002

** part 5 of GabGold's Wall of Silence has been posted.


January 20, 2002

** added TV ZONE 142 and Stuff For men Magazine -- June/July 2000 at Lucy's Articles Section.

** added US TV GUIDE -- July 29 - Aug. 4, 2000 at Renee's Articles Section.


January 19, 2002

** added People Magazine's TV's 40 Most Fascinating Stars of '97 at Lucy's Articles Section.


January 18, 2002

** updated Renee's Refuge with more information about Renee's appearance at the Pasadena Convention.


January 17, 2002

** The GabWhacker FF Reviews Site has been updated.


January 13, 2002

** Check out  Creation's beautiful  and new calendar! Sharon Delaney has posted the pictures at this site:


** added link to GabGold's Wall of Silence at Bard Works.

** added link to DJWP's Lost Soul Walking at Bard Works.

** added page 16 of Lucy's Pictures Section.

** added page 17 of Renee's Pictures Section.


January 12, 2002

** added pages 14 and  15 of Lucy's Pictures Section.


January 8, 2002

** chapter 9 of Cate Swannell's King of the Beach has been posted.


January 6 , 2002

** added L.A. Tucker's Convergence at Bard Works.


January 2, 2002

** added page 12, 14, 15, and 16 of Renee's Pictures.


January 1, 2002

** Happy New Year to everyone!!!

** archived December 2001 updates.

** added page 12 of Renee's Pictures.

** updated page 13 of Renee's Pictures.




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