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Coming Attraction

Xena and Gabrielle face the greatest threat they've ever known when they go up against the evil Yodoshi and an army of 20,000 elite Samurai warriors.

S6, Episode 22, Friend In Need - Part 2 (Series Ender)


For over 6 years, "Battle on!" has been her warrior's cry... now, the time to make a final stand has arrived for Xena: Warrior Princess. This will be, the Last Battleground... 40,000 souls await her rescue, 20,000 troops stand in her way. Between the past and the present, between this world and the next, lies Xena's ultimate fight for honor, for justice, for love. Forget everything you've heard, forget all the rumors, you must see the truth about the ending for yourself. The unforgettable SERIES FINALE... 

Xena -- The Last Battleground



What's New!

August 17, 2002

** The final episode of Xena: Warrior Princess airs all over Asia.

** added part 2 of LA Tucker's new story, Between A Memory and a Dream.

** The following is from Sharon Delaney (Creation Ent.)

COFFEE TALK 2 IS IN THE CAN. (the Coffee talk video is only available to the Official Fan Club) We filmed Coffee Talk 2!  Will post tidbits next week. It was the most delightful two hours and all your tips about fun moments between Xena and Gabrielle paid off.  Thanks for helping out.



August 10, 2002

** from Variety Magazine regarding Lucy's next TV appearance...

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Matt Damon is taking a swing at "Bernie Mac." The actor will guest star as himself in an episode of the Fox comedy during which he and Mac face off on the golf course. Lucy Lawless, who also guest stars as herself in the episode, plays Damon's golf partner. Airdate for the episode has not yet been confirmed.


August 4, 2002

** Lucy Lawless, a woman at ease with life 

Lucy Lawless is a picture of motherhood as she breastfeeds her baby while wearing fishnet stockings. (picture taken from AUSXIP)

click here to read the full article




** added link to updates on Dreams' The Blind Side of Love. Don't miss out on all the fun. :-)

** updated Renee's Refuge.

August 1, 2002

** archived July updates.

** added part 1 of LA Tucker's new story, Between A Memory and a Dream.


** From AFP, quoting Dominion-Post:

Lucy Lawless, the persona behind the television series "Xena: Warrior Princess" is using her striking assets to promote World Breastfeeding Week which begins Thursday.

As Xena she became known for the bold leather bodice costume used to fend off mythical forces of evil. Now she stars quietly breastfeeding her three-month-old son, Judah, the Dominion-Post newspaper reported. Lawless features on a poster to be circulated throughout New Zealand to promote breastfeeding.

More than 120 countries are expected to take part in the World Breastfeeding Week activities.


** For US ROC Fans (Eastern Standard Time used)

The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?
95 minutes- USA, 1993, (CC), In Stereo

Directed by Chris Thomson and starring
Joe Spano, David Lascher, Michael Goorjian
Amy Van Nostrand, Norm Skaggs, Renee O'Connor

Rescue workers struggle to save summer-camp youths caught in a flash flood near Comfort, Texas. Based on a true story.
Fri  Aug  2  08:00A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Tue  Aug  6  06:20P   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Wed  Aug  7  01:15A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Mon  Aug 12  11:40A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Tue  Aug 13  05:15A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Wed  Aug 21  07:40A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Sat  Aug 31  06:15A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Sat  Aug 31  07:15A   PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex
Sat  Aug 31  01:30P   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Sat  Aug 31  02:30P   PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex
Follow the River
120 minutes- USA, 1995, Video

Directed by Martin Davidson and starring
Sheryl Lee, Ellen Burstyn, Eric Schweig
Tim Guinee, Renee O'Connor, Tyler Noyes
Andy Stahl, Gabriel Macht, Tony Amendola, Jimmie F. Skaggs

A courageous mother and her sometimes volatile companion make a hazardous bid for freedom from their Shawnee captors.
Mon  Aug 19  12:00A   VISN- Hallmark-Odyssey
Mon  Aug 19  09:00P   VISN- Hallmark-Odyssey



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   Double Quotes:

  "I really love that Gabrielle says, 'I don't care... I love that so much.  It was human and so very real.  I wish we could have explored that idea.  Not that it needed to be explored more.  It was all there in Renee's face.  But it was so interesting to me."

     -- Lucy (Xena Newsletter #19)

   "I talked with Lucy last Tuesday and it came up that when people ask me what Lucy's really like, I list a few things and then I say she's also kind of loopy. She didn't seem offended and I said she's like Meg.  Meg's loopy...  Meg gets this look on her face and her elbows go out.  It's a goofy sense of humor that Lucy also has that's unexpected because she's so strikingly beautiful. You wouldn't expect that from someone who looks the way Lucy does.  She looks like a femme fatale and to be goofy and loopy really throws you."

     -- Renee (Xena Newsletter #19)





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