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What's New!

October 31, 2001

** Happy Halloween!!! 


**added Page 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 of Renee's Pictures Section.


October 30, 2001

** The following is from Sharon Delaney - Official Xena Fan Club

LUCY AND RENEE to appear live on-tape in FAN CLUB KIT #5 GOLD EDITION. In our never-ending efforts to make our fan club the very best ever we are thrilled to announce that Lucy and Renee will soon be getting together over coffee to chat, gossip and update: and the fan club will be there to film it
for our members! This exclusive, sure to be super-cool footage, will be included as part of our recently announced OFFICIAL FAN CLUB KIT #5 GOLD EDITION!  If you haven't ordered yet, jump aboard by visiting us at:


** updated PAX recommends at Bard Works with the inclusion of Indiscretions, its sequel, Ab Initio and prequel Provenance by Cruise.


October 25, 2001

**updated Lucy's Hideout


October 15, 2001

**updated Lucy's Hideout and Renee's Refuge.


October 14, 2001

**added ARTICLES section at  Lucy's Hideout and Renee's Refuge.


October 13, 2001

**updated Lucy's Hideout with a link to Lucy's latest interview with Ian Spelling.


October 07, 2001

**added parts 7 and 8 of FlyBigD's Welcome to Paradise.


October 4, 2001


It's official - According to Creation Entertainment, Renee & Steve have a son!

Miles William Muir was born on September 22, 2001 weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces. He's beautiful,   healthy and who took the word "sleep" out of the dictionary.
-- Renee O'Connor and Steve Muir

**updated Lucy's Hideout with a link to Lucy's quote at the new issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

**also, Happy Birthday to our very own, Cat!!!


October 1, 2001

**archived September 2001 updates.


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