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What's New!

November 29, 2001

**  added pages 11 and 12 of Lucy's pictures, pages 10 and 11 of Renee's pictures, and pages 16 and 17 of Crossovers.


November 23, 2001

** updated Lucy's Hideout with a transcript of the UK Interview -- Top Ten TV Sex Bombs.


November 22, 2001

** added L.A. Tucker's Küssen Des Banditen in Bard Works.


November 21, 2001

** updated Lucy's Hideout with a link regarding Lucy's pregnancy.


November 19, 2001

** updated Lucy's Hideout with more online reviews for her X-Files guest stint. 


November 16, 2001

** added page 10 of Renee's Pictures Section. 

** added pages 10 and 11 of Lucy's Pictures Section.

** added page 16 of Crossovers pictures.


November 12, 2001

** added UPBEAT The Tube File Interview to Lucy's Articles. 

** updated Lucy's Hideout with more RAVE reviews for her guest star stint in The X-Files.


November 7, 2001

** updated Lucy's Articles with the People Magazine "Chatter" tidbit (Nov. 5, 2001) .

** updated Lucy's Hideout with some reviews for her guest star stint in The X-Files.


November 3, 2001

** added pages 6 - 15 of  Crossovers  pictures of Renee and Lucy.


November 2, 2001

From Star Group Limited (StarTV):

** Please be informed that the new series (series 6) of Xena: Warrior Princess will be aired in March 2002. Enjoy!

** Updated Lucy's Hideout with link to Sci-Fi interview.


November 1, 2001

** archived October 2001 updates.

** updated Links section.

** added page 6, 78, and 9 of Lucy's Pictures Section.



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