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Click here for Season 6 preview

Coming Attraction

This week on the new season  of Xena...

Xena becomes the ultimate prey for the deranged Prince Morloch, who has been hunting and killing Amazons in his twisted quest for an adversary who can match his skills.

S6, Episode 11, Dangerous Prey
(Directed by Renee O'Connor)


 Special PAX Announcement: 

Bard Works has moved to a new domain to accommodate more of your favorite stories. Fanfic authors are welcome to submit their works to Minsky. Bard Works is home to critically-acclaimed fanfic authors
such as LA Tucker and Sinful.


What's New!

  May 25, 2002

  ** The continuation of FlyBigD's Welcome To Paradise is now available. 


  May 22, 2002

  ** Do not miss!!!

After a long wait (and I mean LOOOOONNNNGGG), The Blind Side of Love by Dreams (one of PAX Recommends) has been updated!!! click here.

  ** from the AUSXIP website:

The following is from Helen//mmorgaine regarding Renee's performances

It's a request for anyone who's interested in attending one of Renee's performances of Macbeth this summer, and I appreciate your taking the time to read this, and consider what I'm asking.

Apparently, after Creation announced that Renee will be in the Shakespeare by the Sea production this summer, a lot of Renee's fans sent emails to the Shakespeare by the Sea folks requesting info. Lots, I mean LOTS of fans. This is a small theater company, and they're not at all used to getting this kind of response, and they're getting kind of nervous.

So I'm asking that if you're interested in seeing the Shakespeare by the Sea production starring Renee this summer, please, before emailing and asking for information, try looking around their website. Lots of common questions can be answered there without overwhelming the SbtS staff. Also, it's probably a good idea to contact travel websites, or travel agents with travel questions. The SbtS staff aren't set up to help you get to LA, and San Pedro, from thousands of miles away. They're busy enough just making sure they have props and stuff.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you really need to email them, please be as polite and *calm* as possible in your correspondence with them. I don't know what they've found in their inbox, but it has them rather worried. So if we could treat them rather gently, and keep in mind these folks aren't at all familiar with Xena fandom, then it might help to make their week go a little better.


Also, anyone who wants to can join the SoCalPups list, and ask all questions you want ask. Usually someone there answer your questions


  May 21, 2002

  ** From Creation Entertainment:

      Shakespeare by the Sea is free -- you do not need a ticket. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. People begin showing up an hour or so before the show begins to get seats. Beach chairs, blankets and warm, layered clothing are recommended. Point Fermin has bench seating, however many people bring their own chairs -- all tour locations are open grassy areas without seats - so definitely bring your own chairs or be prepared to sit on the ground. Picnics are welcome.

      All performances have a pre-show 1/2 hour prior to the performance. Photography/Taping is not permitted during performances -- you may have a chance for photos after the show - but that's not guaranteed.

Renee's dates/times/locations:
6/27 (opening night), 28, 29 -- San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 8 PM
7/5, 12, 18, 20 San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 8 PM
7/26 -- Hermosa Beach, Valley Park -- 7 PM
8/1, 3 -- Wilmington, Banning Park -- 7 PM
8/9 -- Manhattan Beach, Polliwog Park -- 7 PM
8/16 (closing night) -- San Pedro, Pt. Fermin -- 7 PM


  May 19, 2002

Renee O'Connor News from Creation Entertainment - May 18, 2002

Renee O'Connor doing Shakespeare this summer

Renee will be performing Lady Macbeth in the Shakespeare by the Sea production of Macbeth. It starts June 27 and will run for five weeks in San Pedro, CA. Then it will go on a tour of the beach cities of Southern California until August 24. You will find the schedule, as it becomes available, on their web page at :


  May 18, 2002

  ** added new pictures of X & G on pages 21 and 22 of Crossover pics.


  May 13, 2002

  ** chapter 12 of Cate Swannell's King of the Beach is now ready for your reading pleasure.

   click here

  ** added parts 13 and 14 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.


  May 12, 2002

  Congratulations to LA Tucker!!! <g> 

  ** Renaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce that LA Tucker has signed to have her book The Light Fantastic published under the Yellow Rose Books imprint. More information can be found in the future on LA's author page.

  PAX is truly proud of you!!! 

  The Light Fantastic has also won a Xippy award from the Ausxip site. 


  May 8, 2002

  ** part 11 and part 12 (conclusion) of Annemaart's Edge of Nowhere.


  May 7, 2002

  It's a boy!!! Congratulations to Lucy and Rob!!!

  ** With his father's urgings and his mother's anguish  Judah Miro Tapert was born at 11:46 pm local time on May 7th. Weight 8 lbs 8 oz.  Everyone is fine.

  ** more regarding Renee's upcoming performance

  We are super-thrilled to announce that RENEE O'CONNOR will be coming to THE EAST COAST! That's right Renee has agreed to make a rare stage appearance in AR GURNEY's LOVE LETTERS, performed on Saturday Night of our upcoming convention in CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY (suburb of Philadelphia). This big event is now on AUGUST 10-11, 2002 and we have a full line-up of great guests and attractions planned. There's a special Friday Night Performance from Claire Stansfield and Danielle Cormack on tap, plus Tim Omundson co-starring with Renee, and the unbelievable Hudson Leick is part of the excitement as well. click here for details.


May 6, 2002

from Creation Ent.

Renee will be appearing at our Cherry Hill, New Jersey convention (Aug.9-11) doing Love Letters with Tim Omundson.  She's appearing Saturday night, August 10


May 2, 2002

  ** archived April updates.

  ** part 10 of Annemaart's Edge of Nowhere is up.

  ** The following is from Sharon Delaney (Creation Ent.

  " Just talked with Renee.  Those Shakespeare classes are paying off.  She's going to be doing something in Southern California, outdoors, this summer, open to all.  Details to come as we get them. "



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