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What's New

Feb 05, 2005

** Renee's One Weekend a Month now showing!
courtesy Sundance Institute

Renee's short film is now available to view on the Sundance web site
If you have not registered, you are asked to register, then go to films, select shorts and
scroll down to One Weekend a Month. This is an excellent short film, very powerful and Renee shines in the role of Meg.

** From

Here are the three new shirts that made their debut at the convention.
The first is Lucy's salute to the 10th Anniversary of the show.  Don't forget to check out Renee's nose.  Lucy worked very hard on that  <G>  The second is Renee's oil painting of Xena.  Just finished the interview I did with her about the stages this painting went through.  It's now
online in the kit 8 site.  The last is the convention shirt.  These three shirts, along with all the other 10th Anniversary logo merchandise that was available at the convention -- i.e., laptop carrying cases, duffel bags, tote bags, fleece jackets, new photos, Lucy and Renee convention photos, etc. -- will be online for ordering in about two weeks.  I'll put up the link as soon as it's ready to go.



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   Double Quotes:

  "I really love that Gabrielle says, 'I don't care... I love that so much.  It was human and so very real.  I wish we could have explored that idea.  Not that it needed to be explored more.  It was all there in Renee's face.  But it was so interesting to me."

     -- Lucy (Xena Newsletter #19)

   "I talked with Lucy last Tuesday and it came up that when people ask me what Lucy's really like, I list a few things and then I say she's also kind of loopy. She didn't seem offended and I said she's like Meg.  Meg's loopy...  Meg gets this look on her face and her elbows go out.  It's a goofy sense of humor that Lucy also has that's unexpected because she's so strikingly beautiful. You wouldn't expect that from someone who looks the way Lucy does.  She looks like a femme fatale and to be goofy and loopy really throws you."

     -- Renee (Xena Newsletter #19)




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