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Click here for Season 6 preview

Coming Attraction

In a modern-day episode, a clone of Xena battles her arch-enemy, the evil Alti.

S6, Episode 16, Send in the Clones (Rerun)




What's New

December 25, 2002

** Happy Holidays!!!

** Updated Renee's Refuge with the new publicity photo of Renee.


December 15, 2002

** The Blind Side of Love by Dreams' has been updated. Click here.

** Lucy News: Loyal Lucy swaps swords for songs

She wields a mighty sword, kicks leather-clad butt and does a fine line in yelping - but can New Zealand's most famous TV export sing?

Read on

Lucy is on tour with Kiwi music icon, Dave Dobbyn. The schedule of The Summer Holiday Tour is as follows:

Dec 26 Taupo Great Lakes;
Dec 27 Papamoa Sports and Recreation Club;
Dec 28 Coroglen Tavern;
Dec 29, 30 Tauranga Baycourt Theatre;
Dec 31 Waihi Beach Hotel;
Jan 2 Silverdale Wade Hotel;
Jan 3 Mangawhai Tavern;
Jan 4 Duke of Malborough Tavern, Russell;
Jan 5 Kaitaia Community Centre,
Jan 8 Parthenon, Wellington;
Jan 11 St James, Auckland.


** Heads up! US ROC fans 

(Eastern Time Zone used) 

105 minutes- USA, 1991, (CC), Video

Directed by Charles Jarrott and starring
Cheryl Ladd, Michael Nouri, Christie Clark
Renee O'Connor, Christopher Gartin, Ami Foster

A TV correspondent is ill-prepared for domestic life after she marries a heart surgeon. Based on Danielle Steel's novel.
Wed  Dec 25  04:30P   LMN- Lifetime Movie Network
Thu  Dec 26  06:00A   LMN- Lifetime Movie Network
The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?
95 minutes- USA, 1993, (CC), In Stereo

Directed by Chris Thomson and starring
Joe Spano, David Lascher, Michael Goorjian
Amy Van Nostrand, Norm Skaggs, Renee O'Connor

Rescue workers struggle to save summer-camp youths caught in a flash flood near Comfort, Texas. Based on a true story.
Sat  Dec  7  10:00A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Sat  Dec  7  11:00A   PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex
Sun  Dec  8  02:05A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Sun  Dec  8  03:05A   PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex
Thu  Dec 12  03:45P   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Fri  Dec 13  05:35A   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Mon  Dec 16  04:00P   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Tue  Dec 24  06:20P   TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Sun  Dec 29  01:40P   TRUE- Encore's True Channel

Renee's episode of NYPD Blue will also be shown on Court TV on Sunday December 22 at 3:00p.m (EST)


December 1, 2002

** Archived November updates.

** The Blind Side of Love by Dreams' has been updated. Click here.

** Added 6 new beautiful poems by Wynterfel, 

    Source of Hope,
    Speak Not of Love,
    Pale Syllables and 
    Yet Another Mushy Love Poem.




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   Double Quotes:

  "I really love that Gabrielle says, 'I don't care... I love that so much.  It was human and so very real.  I wish we could have explored that idea.  Not that it needed to be explored more.  It was all there in Renee's face.  But it was so interesting to me."

     -- Lucy (Xena Newsletter #19)

   "I talked with Lucy last Tuesday and it came up that when people ask me what Lucy's really like, I list a few things and then I say she's also kind of loopy. She didn't seem offended and I said she's like Meg.  Meg's loopy...  Meg gets this look on her face and her elbows go out.  It's a goofy sense of humor that Lucy also has that's unexpected because she's so strikingly beautiful. You wouldn't expect that from someone who looks the way Lucy does.  She looks like a femme fatale and to be goofy and loopy really throws you."

     -- Renee (Xena Newsletter #19)





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