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Full Name:                      Lucy Ryan Lawless 

Date of Birth:                 29th of March 1968

Birthplace:                      Mt. Albert, Auckland New Zealand

Marital Status:               Married to Robert Tapert (March 28, 1998)

Resides:                           Auckland, New Zealand

Hair Color:                      Dark Brown/ Black Hair

Eye Color:                        Blue

Height:                             5'11"

Family Background:      Fifth of 7 children

Languages:                     English, German, French and a bit of Italian

Nickname:                      Unco (for uncoordinated)

Pets:                                Has a dog named Lucky



Interesting tidbits              * Lucy has two children (Daisy and Julius) and is expecting her third child this April 2002.
about Lucy:                          *
Ms. New Zealand 1989 
                                               * attended Auckland University for a year
                                               * studied opera

                                               * played Rizzo in Grease! on Broadway from September 2 through October 19, 1997


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